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International Conscious Business Coach and Mentor, Speaker and Spiritpreneur



I am fortunate enough to be the Founder and CEO of two amazing conscious businesses -  Top Speaker Events & My Avatar Adventures. As part of our services...we offer the opportunity for businesses and business owners to take the ‘leap’ from the old paradigm of business to the more conscious new way of leadership and management. I offer this through a variety of ways, mentoring/coaching, consultancy and experiential adventures.

After 20 years of old paradigm business (focused mainly on making money), I shifted my own understanding and awakened to a new way of conscious business (focus on more than the money) and Leadingship (lead by example) rather than leadership (follow my lead). Over the last 6 years I have spent time researching, implementing and experiencing several different modalities of conscious business, either implementing them into my own business or helping others to do so in theirs. From all the learnings and results of that work, I have now developed my own version of Conscious Business and Leadingship which embraces what I call the 7 'C' Principles of Conscious Business and Lifestyle.

I offer 26 years of business experience in a variety of areas including business management and directorship, mentoring and coaching, event directorship and creation and entrepreneurship. I am described as one of the most “respected and knowledgeable women in her field” and known for my high standards, caring nature, total commitment, integrity, honesty and compassion. Having worked with the world’s top businesses, corporates, associations, agencies, non-profits, entrepreneurs and inspiring leaders and speakers from all over the world, I know I offer exceptional ROI in collaboration with whom I co-create. 

My love for travel, nature, the environment, especially for animals and particularity endangered wildlife species, has encouraged me to create a truly unique service to those Change-makers and Thought Leaders emerging through this paradigm shift. I am passionate about people and what their dreams and purpose are in this new emerging time. My mantra is "Link Passion with Profit, Sales with Service and Money with Meaning". 

I love what I do. I choose very carefully those that I work with, as know only when we are fully aligned in our values and are both are fully committed to ensuring a successful outcome through collaboration, does this model of business mentoring succeed.

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Much appreciation and gratitude

Tamar Peters

Tamar Peters - Conscious Business Leader

"I cannot underestimate the importance of having this type of mentoring Tamar offers as it can truly take you to the next level. The paradigm in business is changing, the day of red in tooth and claw is over and the season of a collective consciousness is upon us. Therefore, as leaders we will have to develop and grow even more rapidly in our truth to truly effect lasting local, national and global change and that is why this mentoring is so powerful.

I would absolutely recommend working with Tamar as I am the living proof of how subtle shifts can make profound changes. Life is short yet long in moments; opportunities many, yet few and far between if not seized. Therefore, I believe we must consistently invest in ourselves to enable us to live fulfilling outstanding lives." 


Daniel Ayodele Jenyo  - MD The Cooperative Property Company