Are you ready to fully transform your life and business, and step into being the amazing Conscious Leader you were always meant to be?

Have you achieved a level of success where you are content with how your business has progressed, however you feel as if something is missing? Are you feeling restless in what you are doing, as you feel there is more to your business than what you have experienced so far? Are you wondering how you and your business could make an even more profound impact in the world?


 If so you are in the right place:

  • You’re absolutely ready and motivated for some big changes in your life.

  • You’re have achieved success and yet there is something still missing.

  • You’ve followed the path you wanted to and have achieved success, however it’s not quiet hit the mark or was exactly what you had expected and you’ve been feeling ‘there must be more to all this…’

  • You’re at a stage now where you feel you are ready to make a conscious concerted effort to commit to a significant shift to changing your life and your business.

  • You’re ready to feel your life has a real purpose, real meaning and makes a difference in the world. You want to feel free and alive and that you are contributing in a significant way to a better way of life.

  • You’re committed to a more consciously based lifestyle and enterprise.

Take a moment for yourself to just contemplate the above points and make sure they truly reflect where you are right now and if they are, then continue reading...

There is no such thing as coincidence and you are reading this because you have been guided here as you are now ready to take the ‘leap’.


This Mentoring Programme is designed to maximizing that ‘leap’ to assist you along your journey to a greater and more meaningful future for you and your enterprise. It has been developed to get the very best out of YOU.


Due to the time commitment and my passion for collaborating with you to getting the results you want, I only take on 3 clients a year. It is a highly specialized and unique Programme as has been developed over 28 years of personal and professional development and life transformation experience, knowledge, deep wisdom and practical skills.  It is tailored to a great amount of detail to your specific challenges, needs and intentions. Think of it as having a fully committed collaborator contributing to your success and growth for 12 months, invested in your enterprise and life as much as you are.  


This very unique way of collaborating and working together to achieve a more meaningful and purposeful future are based on the 7 ‘C’ principles of Conscious Lifestyle and Business:

  1. Consciousness 

  2. Compassion

  3. Co-creation

  4. Collaboration 

  5. Contribution 

  6. Culture 

  7. Community 

'Integrate Prot with Purpose, Sales with Service and Money with Meaning' - Tamar Peters



Here are just 10 of the powerful outcomes you can expect from this truly unique Programme:

  1. You are more likely to succeed. Conscious businesses and lifestyle start with a positive impact in mind. This becomes the motivation and guides you through all the challenges you will face, with changing it from the old paradigm to the new paradigm.

  2. You will never give up as you are driven by something other than yourself or money – you want to make a difference and you have an obligation to do so.

  3. Your thoughts, language and attitude will change completely always looking for the positive, learning from the challenges and taking on whatever is necessary with a fundamental belief in what you are doing.

  4. Other people want you to succeed. Through this Programme of collaboration and those that you will attract to you because of the nature of conscious lifestyle and business, you will always have as much support and assistance as you need.

  5. When you deeply believe in your WHY and the impact your life and enterprise is making, it’s easier to bring others along the journey.

  6. Living your true core values will make a profound difference in the way you do everything and can inspire others who care about the same issues and will encourage them to support you. You will soon grow your own personal “tribe” of loyal supporters who want you and your enterprise to succeed and will support you at every turn. 

  7. You really can change the world. When you create a conscious lifestyle and enterprise, you can literally change the world. Your own way of being and product/service of your enterprise, can have positive wealth, health, social or environmental benefits.

  8. You will feel more compelled to contribute and support others and their dreams or causes or just personally give back to the community.

  9. Making money becomes a positive conduit to change and creating a thriving and profitable conscious lifestyle and enterprise allows you to make that change on a grand scale.

  10. It’s possible to create a profitable and thriving way of living that creates a positive impact in the world AND provides for your family.


These are just some of the high-level benefits to shifting yourself and your enterprise into a more conscious way of being. Each individual leader and enterprise will reap additional benefits that pertain to their specific passion.

What to Expect?


  1. An in-depth, full committed intensive process of discovery and illumination.

  2. Your personal and enterprise values to be reviewed and/or created.

  3. Your commitment will be matched by my own so expect great things.

  4. Speak openly, express honestly and forge a new way of working together.  

  5. Ask more of me. We can co-create the most productive collaboration for this time we work together – so that you get the most out of it.

  6. A life changing journey to a more conscious mind, way of living and doing business.

  7. All relationships are so much more rewarding.

  8. Expansion and development of your skills, communication, energy and mindfulness.

  9. A truly conscious way of doing business and living a lifestyle full of abundance and growth.

  10. Designing a more engaged and fulfilling life experience.

How does it Work?


  1. Monthly one to one sessions via Skype/Zoom.

  2. Email and telephone support when ever needed.

  3. A large selection of resources and tools to help you implement these principles on a daily basis.

  4. Constant review and adjustment when necessary to ensure maximum results.

  5. Collaborative engagement to ensure success of your enterprise and increase of revenue.

  6. Delivery on specific requirements and intentions of your lifestyle and enterprise needs.

"Prior to my mentoring with Tamar, I had experienced a certain amount of success, however using negative drivers. Now I have found out why I do what I do and how to drive towards success in a non-painstaking way; by which I mean, to use encouraging internal dialogue, positive motivators and align all my endeavors with my core values through the conscious principles Tamar has shared with me.


Tamar has seen me develop from a young wannabe entrepreneur, to the MD of a property investment company and has been able to tailor her approach to my development accordingly. I found Tamar’s life experiences and having her to talk to about business and personal challenges in an open and honest way, extremely helpful. It also gave me the opportunity to reflect on my journey and seeing my own growth.


I cannot underestimate the importance of having this type of mentoring Tamar offers, as it can truly take you to the next level. The paradigm in business is changing, the day of 'red in tooth and claw ' is over and the season of a collective consciousness is upon us. Therefore, as leaders we will have to develop and grow even more rapidly in our truth to truly effect lasting local, national and global change and that is why this mentoring is so powerful.


I would absolutely recommend working with Tamar as I am the living proof of how subtle shifts can make profound changes. Life is short yet long in moments; opportunities many, yet few and far between if not seized. Therefore, I believe we must consistently invest in ourselves to enable us to live fulfilling and outstanding lives." 


 Daniel Ayodele Jenyo MD - The Cooperative Property Company

One to One Conscious Leadingship Programme - Your investment is $500 per month for a 12 month period or $5,500 one off payment. This covers everything – the initial discovery work, 12 months of mentoring and coaching, email support, reading material and other useful resources.

Intensive Conscious Leadingship Programme - Your investment is $1,250 for 3 day retreat paid in two payments of $625 or $1,000 one off payment. These 3 days will be hosted in Spain in person, at a retreat location (accommodation and travel costs not included). Details to be agreed upon on application. Includes in person One on One 3 days of mentoring and coaching, reading material, other resources and supported with emails and Skype calls for 3 months of support after retreat. These Intensives are open to just 3 people per year.

Conscious Leadingship Programme and Adventure - Your investment is $7,500 for the once in lifetime exclusive 7 Day Wildlife Adventure and 6 Month Mentoring Programme. This package offers 3 months of One to One Conscious Leadingship mentoring prior to the Adventure, onsite coaching during the adventure and 3 months mentoring after the event. All costs covered other than international travel to and from Adventure location and other items as specified by each Adventure. This is an exclusive group of like minded Thought Leaders and Change Makers so the group will be kept small with just 5-10 participants. You will need to fill in an application to be assessed if this is the right option for you, due to intimate and deep nature of the content and training in this programme.

(Payment options available and created to suite your specific needs and will be discussed on a one to one basis)

If you’re ready to truly transform your life and set yourself on a bold and fearless path and you’re willing to make an investment in creating an untamed life for yourself – then I’d love to talk with you.


Email me now – or message me on Skype tamarpeters0202, to schedule a free no obligation ‘deep dive discovery' call to find out more and discuss the suitability of the above Programmes for you.


Whether you sign up for any of these Programmes or not, I want you to leave here more inspired...... 'to live a more consciously empowered life that is filled with gratitude, abundance and satisfaction. A life of rich relationships, meaningful work, and whatever else your heart desires. A conscious life where you get to connect with nature as often as possible, contribute to your community in an inspiring way and build long lasting meaningful business relationships'.


When our journey ends of this wonderful planet, there are only 4 questions to ask oneself… Did I live fully? Did I love unconditionally? Did I do my best? Did I make a difference?.......What will be your answers be?


“Your heart is a powerful force. Use it consciously.” - Amy Leigh Mercree


Conscious Leadingship Programme Options