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Journey into White Lion Leadership - South Africa October 2019

Our 8 day 7 night Adventure into White Lion territory in South Africa is a truly once in a life-time experience. This fully immersive and intimate event is designed for those more consciously aware leaders who are looking to take time out of their business to work on it instead of just in it.

The design of the event is 3 fold; 8 days exclusive access to knowledge, wisdom, experience and tools of international conscious business leaders from around the world, reconnecting to mother nature and the learning the wisdom of lionhearted wisdom from the White Lions through the 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership, and giving back by helping the Global White Lion Protection Trust as most of the donation paid to attend is passed onto the Trust.

This White Lion reintroduction project is not open to the public. It is a private reserve specifically centred around the saving of the sacred White Lions who are going extinct. It is a holistic learning facility where nature is integrated into the learning of laws of leadership through the wisdom of the white lions and their keep Linda Tucker.

It is truly a very unique experience for anyone who answers the call of the sacred white lion.

And it is a are invited by the lions to reconnect with the animal within, re-remembering the laws that govern our existence on this planet and reintegration with our human nature.

The group is very intimate as only 8 invited guest will join 4 international conscious business leaders on a journey of lionhearted leadership discovery.

You will have the opportunity to see how Medieval Astrology, the most accurate predictive astrology known to us, affects your personal path of leadership and success in business and in your personal life.

Understanding what beliefs and thoughts hold us back from achieving real success through conscious living, conscious business and conscious lifestyle, is paramount to your growth as a conscious business leader.

We will be sharing with you the Hero's journey into truly understanding your own path, the true person you wish to be in the world and how to go about bringing it into reality.

The daily rituals of a conscious business leader will help you implement all that learn and we will share more about these and the 6 'c' principles of conscious business that are a the foundation to abundance in all areas of your life.

And so much more......To find out further information please go to