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7 'C' Principles of Conscious Business and Lifestyle - How they can change your Business for

We are hearing more frequently the term or phrase, Conscious Leadership or Conscious Business. What is it exactly and what are the benefits that come from being a conscious leader or changing your business to that of one that is more 'Conscious'?

Sometimes, when clarifying what something is, it serves to note what it is not, as well as general definitions. In general terms, conscious leadership and business is the intention to be fully present, aware and mindful in your business and leadership position. In essence, behaving and expressing from the inner being and core values, that is authentic to the expression of you and what you offer as a business service.

So I have created what I believe are the foundational principles of this type of business and leadingship model..

This very unique way of collaborating and working together to achieve a more meaningful and purposeful business model are based on the 7 ‘C’ principles of Conscious Leadingship and Business:

  1. ​Consciousness – being more connected with ourselves, our environment, personal purpose and business purpose

  2. Compassion - really caring for people and their concerns

  3. Co-creation- allowing ideas, concepts and vision from those who work with us to form the design of our business and lifestyles

  4. Collaboration – working with likeminded service providers, clients and staff whose values are aligned with our own

  5. Contribution – giving back to our team, our clients and to worthy causes with our time and not just money

  6. Culture – to encourage a culture of inclusion and participation

  7. Community – build a community of prosperity and engagement of all parties involved

Conscious business is about producing happiness in the long term through service principles and ethical modalities. This journey demands powerful choices through empathy and compassion that help to create a conscious gateway to doing business in a new way.

Here are 12 Transformational changes that will be significant in this journey:

  1. Blame to Hope – Taking responsibility of your own actions and those that you attract.

  2. Winning to Meaning – Seeking to stand for something that has true meaning and creates moral heroes.

  3. Knowing to Learning – Listening with humility and being open to learning from all.

  4. Judgement to Understanding – Having a great capacity for compassion and empathy.

  5. Avoiding to Confirming – Having the courage to stay true to what you believe.

  6. Pleasing to Being Real – Less compromise and more truth.

  7. Control to Consider – Having respect for others even if we disagree.

  8. Taking to Making – Doing things together in collaboration.

  9. Defaulting to Delivery – Follow through on your word and promise.

  10. Indulging to Investing – Honour your commitments with discipline and a long-term view.

  11. Comply to Passion – Speak and share with desire and purpose. Be more passionate.

  12. Bossing to Leading – Lead by example and inspire by action.

Build your VALUE through your VALUES. Don’t compromise to be successful.

Wisdom without compassion = Ruthlessness / Compassion without wisdom = Foolishness

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